You need not go to Europe or Las Vegas to experience the excitement of Cirque. With performers based in Orlando, New York, Las Vegas and L.A., we can bring the sophistication and spectacle of Cirque to the privacy of your own hotel ballroom or auditorium. Our shows can be tailored to your budget and can be customized to various show lengths and themes. Colorful backdrops, unique costumes and state-of-the art production highlight these remarkable and memorable productions.

AirbourneSymphonyAirbourne Symphony

Celebrating man’s infatuation with flight, this production is indeed a composition… of an unusual kind. Our artists soar through the air demonstrating enormous power and fragility at the same time, as they achieve a multitude of acrobatic positions, rotations, tangles and spins. A one hour production, it features Hand to Hand Balancing, German Wheel, Spinning Cube, Contortionist, Web, bungee, straps, and hoops performances. As most of the acts perform suspended in the air using no safety lines, there is a powerful element of suspense that keeps everyone spellbound from beginning to end.

Our interactive combination of MC and DJ bring this spectacular event to a close, as they entice the audience to dance the night away, while the Bungee and Straps performers continue their amazing feats above their heads.

CirqueOdysseyCirque Odyssey

Cirque Odyssey is a World-Class Cirque production brought to you with credits in full-scale production spanning the globe. Cirque Odyssey showcases performers from the far corners of the world: China, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Canada, and the USA – a true representation of the Global Village. Featuring Hand-To-Hand Balancing, Tumblers, German Wheel, Spinning Cube and Contortionist. A forty five minute production, Cirque Odyssey combines various acts with music, teaming up to create an amazing cornucopia of daring skill, grace, strength, and agility. It is a fast-moving, high energy show that brings together many different elements to create a traditional production that pleases the audience with its colorful, creative, and suspenseful acts, custom designed to fit any budget and theme.

ElectricCirqueElectric Cirque

“In the beginning, there was darkness and God said: “Let there be LIGHT!” And so it was…and so it began…

Ghostly illuminated phantoms celebrate the sounds of life while circles of eclectic light are suddenly reflected on the dark sky, setting the stage for our Aerial Hoops performer who spins and twists as a thousand sunrays explode from her glimmering body. With each pulsating beat of the music, the audience is enthralled by a brilliantly overwhelming light show and numerous amazing cirque acts such as the German Wheel or Spinning Cube performers, who orbit the stage performing gravity-defying somersaults inside a miraculous sphere of light and manipulate a glowing cube in an infusion of acrobatic movements and refreshingly original juggling. Accenting every incredible act throughout the show, our dancers revolve around the stage as mesmerizing three-dimensional sculptures of light coming together in shimmering ecstasy.

A 45-minute production, this event explores advances in light manipulation never before seen, featuring intelligent lights, surreal black light, sparkling lasers, special effects and computerized LED lighted costumes that react in sync with fast and slow beats, creating dynamic spinning and cascading effects for a unique visual experience that is irresistibly hypnotic. The show’s futuristic and edgy style – combined with astonishing cirque acts performed to the pulsating and upbeat sounds of techno and house music – make this one of the most original and spellbinding productions on the market today.

MoulinRougeMoulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is a brilliant and delightful hymn to the turn of the century home of the can-can and all things quintessentially “Parisian”. It has all the glitz and glamour of a Vegas show and. blended with the artistry of our beautiful entertainers and eccentric acts, this show combines magnificent costumes and a flawless performance set to contemporary sound, thus bringing to life a popular culture with magical realism. With an authentic backdrop of France and original costumes, this production is a non-traditional mix of talent from a lost era and modem realism of the 90s. Featuring such original acts as Arabian Belly Dancers, Mime, Trapeze and genuine dances from India, this event is a customized dance production that celebrates an epoch’s greatest performance treasure. The last number of the show closes with our performers singing a lively version of Lady Marmalade.


This is the story of the ageless struggle between good and evil, between love and hate, Hope and Fear… between life and death. This is the story of one man’s powerful battle with himself. By a tragic accident, the main character finds himself between life and death, moving in a trancelike state, seemingly in purgatory. And all around him are elements with their own agenda as to where they’d like to see him end up. They are the black demons who rob him of hope and health, conspiring to turn him away from all that he knows and loves. They are the divine angels who gingerly look upon him with kindness and faith. They are members of his family, brothers, offspring and mends who encourage him to fight and hang on. And then there is his wife… the love of his life, and his ultimate reason to survive. Her beauty is angelic, her love is ardent… but will she be able to bring him back?

His struggle is long, and we see many facets of it as he and the elements around him battle it out but, as the drama unfolds and after much heartache and hope, he manages to defeat the darkness of mortality and come back to the joy and energy of life renewed, surrounded by all that he loves and bathed in an everlasting shimmering light. An eclectic mix of cirque acts intertwined with modem jazz and ballet dance segments, this theatrical production .is an emotionally. riveting masterpiece that depicts the “ultimate fight” with an eccentric yet deeply spiritual approach. Featuring a myriad of acts (tumble track, hand to hand balancing, contortionist, aerial chiffon, straps, bungee, Chinese poles, power skips and numerous powerful dance performances), the show is a colorful and impressive kaleidoscope of raw talent, lighting, set decor, music and magnificent costuming. It is precisely this type of performance that has made going to the theatre a rewarding and lifelong tradition for so many people.