Realizing that the speaker at your conference or meeting can make or break the event, we make every effort to perfectly match the presenter to your audience, and that his/her message is right on target. Whether you need a keynote address for an opening session, a humorous luncheon speaker, a sales motivator, an athlete, a television celebrity, or a well-known political figure, we’ll find the right speaker to fit your budget and purpose.

CraigKargesCraig Karges

Craig Karges is truly extraordinary! The “extraordinist” is an award winning entertainer, a nationally recognized speaker and an author. He has made over four thousand appearances on four continents and in all fifty states.
Craig Karges’ performance is an extraordinary blend of mystery, humor, psychology and intuition. Karges dazzles the mind as he challenges his audiences to question what is real and what is unreal, what is possible and what is impossible.

In a shift of focus from entertainment to empowerment, Craig Karges created “Ignite Your Intuition.” This one-of-a-kind presentation does more than simply amaze and entertain. Participants learn memory techniques; their intuition is tested; and they are taught how to tap into their subconscious minds to enhance creativity and decision making.

“Ignite Your Intuition” is a hands-on, interactive session that awakens participants to the possibility of reaching their full potential while experiencing greater personal power and achieving success more easily.

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A corporate entertainer, author, and entrepreneur, Giovanni is a motivational keynote speaker who is both the messenger and the message, sharing his passion for living to inspire others to achieve. Giovanni transforms, motivates and entertains, leaving a memorable experience, motivating your team to be more connected, more engaged, more energized and, finally, more transformed. Giovanni teaches people that Anything Is Possible through comedy, motivation, sleight of hand, and audience participation, motivating your sales staff with select team building routines. Above all else, Giovanni is a celebrator of human spirit and human potential – a creator of meaningful experiences that transforms peoples lives through the understanding that Anything Is Possible.


TracyKnoflaTracy Knofla

Tracy Knofla: Engaging and Interactive Programs

Tracy Knofla has provided inspiration, motivation and strategies for success to thousands of program participants for more than 25 years. Audiences nationwide agree that Tracy’s most powerful speaking and training tool is her ability to engage even the most reluctant participant in the learning process using interaction and humor.

All of Tracy’s programs are customized with your group’s needs in mind. She’s developed strong techniques to teach program participants how to be most effective.  The best part is Tracy makes the learning experiences practical and fun.

Sample of Tracy’s topics

  • Thriving in Chaos
  • Helping Your Staff Feel More Comfortable with Change.
  • Finding the Meaning in My Work

Reasons to include Tracy in your next event

  • Interactive sessions (No Power Point)
  • Applicable and immediate results
  • Creativity, innovation and fun

Here’s what others have said

“…We were looking for someone who could get our conference started with energy and enthusiasm.  Tracy Knofla fit the bill perfectly.  Her opening general session, “Thriving in Chaos” got our conference participants moving, talking, thinking, and, best of all, having a great time.”
North American Association of Commencement Officers

“Thanks for helping me look like a hero at my meeting!  I heard rave reviews of Tracy’s presentation.  The end results were definitely worth our investment.”
MN Vision Source Conference

“Tracy did a wonderful mixture of lecture, group interaction and reflection. I especially liked the last exercise where participants wrote a mission statement in three minutes.”
Resource Training & Solutions